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Risk and compliance statement

Statement of Risk and Compliance

This "Risk and Compliance Statement" should be read in conjunction with the "Services" of MORTON CAPITAL INTERNATIONAL HOLDINGS PTE. Ltd. ("BITAIEX"). Our company is established under the Company Law of Singapore and its company number is ACRA190321144402. Simply put, we want you to understand important risks and compliance issues when trading on our platform. I. Risk trading or loss risk of holding digital assets may be very high. Therefore, you should carefully consider whether the transaction of digital assets or any leveraged or derivative digital assets is suitable for you according to your financial situation. II. BITAIEX does not accept any legal tender. Although other platforms can help you to fill or withdraw legal tender, BITAIEX does not allow or provide legal tender settlement or withdrawal services. BITAIEX is only a digital asset trading platform. Simply put, if you want to listen to a heavy metal concert, please don't go to a classical concert by mistake, otherwise you may have a headache. III. Digital assets are neither money nor legal tender. Although there are other trading platforms that can convert or liquidate digital assets into money or legal tender, we do not provide such services. BITAIEX does not regard digital assets as money or legal tender, because digital assets are not supported by any government or central bank. IV. We do not accept certain customers. We cannot and do not want to serve certain customers, such as those from jurisdictions that prohibit acts involving digital assets locally. This requires expensive cross-jurisdictional regulation or customers listed on international sanctions lists. We don't want to violate the rules of every country at all. V. We can help the government, although we may not welcome expensive regulation, but we respect the rules and abide by the applicable ones. As good corporate citizens, we may be asked to provide information by law enforcement authorities and will provide assistance where the law permits. This means that our platform only welcomes law-abiding customers. We welcome the opportunity to win your business. Correspondingly, we ask you to act legally and correctly on our platform.

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